Office 365 Enterprise - F3

Office 365 Licensing F3 Rectangle.1034 Rectangle.1051 Rectangle.1353 Rectangle.1104 Office 365 E5 Office 365 E5 Rectangle.7 Office 365 E3 Office 365 E3 Rectangle.1207 Office 365 F3 Office 365 F3 Rectangle.1028 Teams Phone Teams Phone Rectangle.1029 Audio Conferencing (Full) Audio Conferencing (Full) Rectangle.1030 Power BI Pro Power BI Pro Rectangle.1067 客户密码箱 Customer Lockbox 客户密码箱Customer Lockbox Rectangle.1070 客户密钥 Customer Key 客户密钥Customer Key Rectangle.1071 Advanced eDiscovery Advanced eDiscovery Rectangle.1269 特权访问管理 Privileged Access Management 特权访问管理Privileged Access Management Rectangle.1171 Teams 数据丢失防护Teams Data Loss Prevention Teams数据丢失防护TeamsData Loss Prevention Rectangle.1271 高级消息加密 Advanced Message Encryption 高级消息加密Advanced Message Encryption Rectangle.1098 信息屏障 Information Barriers 信息屏障Information Barriers Rectangle.1102 MyAnalytics (Full) MyAnalytics (Full) Rectangle.1274 通信合规性 Comm Compliance 通信合规性Comm Compliance Rectangle.1236 云应用安全 Office 365 Cloud App Security 云应用安全Office 365 Cloud App Security Rectangle.1068 治理数据Information Governance 治理数据Information Governance Rectangle.1225 记录管理 Records Management 记录管理Records Management Rectangle.1227 审核 高级版 Advanced Audit 审核高级版)Advanced Audit Rectangle.1270 双密钥加密 Double Key Encryption 双密钥加密Double Key Encryption 工作表.1281 Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 Rectangle.1126 Exchange Online Protection 安全保护 Exchange Online Protection安全保护 Rectangle.1129 Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Rectangle.1130 Exchange Online Kiosk (2 GB) Exchange Online Kiosk(2 GB) Rectangle.1133 OneDrive for Business (2 GB) OneDrive for Business(2 GB) Rectangle.1185 Power Automate (2000 step/day) Power Automate(2000 step/day) Rectangle.1131 Kaizala Pro (retiring) Kaizala Pro(retiring) Rectangle.1085 Power Apps for Office 365 Power AppsforOffice 365 Rectangle.1059 Microsoft Forms Microsoft Forms Rectangle.1303 Yammer Enterprise YammerEnterprise Rectangle.1304 SharePoint Online Kiosk SharePoint Online Kiosk Rectangle.1305 Stream (Consume) Stream(Consume) Rectangle.1306 Planner Planner Rectangle.1125 Sway Sway Rectangle.1310 Microsoft Dataverse for Teams Microsoft Dataverse for Teams Rectangle.1230 Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise 应用版 Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise应用版 Rectangle.1320 Live Events & Webinars Live Events & Webinars Rectangle.1321 Insights by MyAnalytics Insights by MyAnalytics Rectangle.1324 Stream for Office 365 Stream for Office 365 Rectangle.1325 SharePoint Online Plan 2 SharePoint OnlinePlan 2 Rectangle.1240 OneDrive for Business Plan 2 OneDrive for BusinessPlan 2 Rectangle.1331 Delve Delve Rectangle.1332 Power Automate for Office 365 Power Automate forOffice 365 Rectangle.1333 数据丢失防护 Data Loss Prevention 数据丢失防护Data Loss Prevention Rectangle.1334 保留策略和 保留标签 Retention Labels & Policies 保留策略和保留标签Retention Labels & Policies Rectangle.1336 eDiscovery eDiscovery Rectangle.1080 Exchange Online Plan 2 Exchange OnlinePlan 2 Rectangle.1268 Microsoft Lists Microsoft Lists Rectangle.1342 Bookings Bookings Rectangle.1343 InfoPath App InfoPathApp Rectangle.1262 Microsoft Whiteboard Microsoft Whiteboard Rectangle.1263 Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To-Do Rectangle.1264 Power Virtual Agents for Teams Power Virtual Agents for Teams Rectangle.1239 Rules-Based Classification (Office 365) Rules-Based Classification(Office 365) 工作表.1352 Enterprise Enterprise Rectangle.1419 基本移动性和 安全性 Basic Mobility & Security 基本移动性和安全性Basic Mobility & Security Rectangle.1422 Azure AD for Office 365 Azure AD for Office 365 Rectangle.1123 Office 移动版 Office Mobile Apps Office 移动版Office Mobile Apps Rectangle.1127 Office 网页版 Office for the Web (incl Visio) Office 网页版Officefor the Web(incl Visio) Rectangle.1064 审核日志 Audit Logging 审核日志Audit Logging Rectangle.1261 警报策略 Alert Policies 警报策略Alert Policies Rectangle.1940 保留标签 Retention Labels 保留标签Retention Labels Rectangle.1192 信息保护 Information Protection for M365 信息保护Information Protectionfor M365 工作表.1362 Audio Conferencing (Dial In Only) Audio Conferencing (Dial In Only) Rectangle.1363 Viva Connections Viva Connections Rectangle.1364 Viva Learning (Basic) Viva Learning (Basic) Rectangle.1326 Office 365 Message Encryption 消息加密 Office 365 Message Encryption消息加密 Rectangle.1327 Productivity Server CAL Productivity Server CAL 工作表.1367 Skype for Business Plus CAL Skype for Business Plus CAL